Bio: I started my first blog a few years ago, and although I will continue it, it serves a completely different purpose to me. It was and continues to be a source of healing, a place of searching, a place for an outlet at times of struggling. And now I still need that component in my life but some things have changed enough that I don't feel any longer that I want my sole existence to revolve around it. I want my writing, my 'self' to be more. The first was an outlet to survive... now, is a time to create, to live, to function as I was always meant to but never had either the strength, the will, the courage or the self love to do so. Now, I created this blog to use my talents as a photographer, to post my pictures that inspire me to get well, to create. To write once again. To heal and use my words and compile them into a book that will not only heal my soul and my release my heart from everything that it has been held under for decades; but hopefully will help others to see that they are not alone in their struggles, maybe for those who haven't gotten help to see that it is OKAY to get help. To tell. To heal. So while I am doing that, I'll just be using this blog as just a way to 'write' short things here and there , tracking my writing progress. It will be my happiness blog only. My journey along the path of my new life of freedom to be the creative me that I was always meant to be. A me I can LOVE.

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